International Events

Photography by TBhag Studios

If you are planning to have your next big event abroad (relative to the United Kingdom), or if you are are planning to have your event in your home country, we will be more than happy to provide our services in your chosen country. 

There will be additional charges on top of our prices. Additional charges include a food and accommodation budget as well as travel. We normally charge a minimum £50.00 per day for a food budget (but this can change as certain countries are considerably more expensive i.e Iceland!). This would be per service, so please bear in mind if you wish to hire our live band, there will be an automatic £250.00 charge per day. Please note that all prices will be converted to your currency, however, if you book in advanced, the exchange rate you book in at will be locked in, so there will be no change in in pricing later down the line. 

We then estimate a flight and hotel cost at an upper limit. Once we have booked our accommodation and flights, we will send a receipt to you and if we have over estimated our costs, we will reimburse you the difference. We don't ask for first class flights, we fly economy but always stay in 4 star or above hotels at established and trusted hotels. 


There may be an additional luggage charge depending on the type of service you are after. If you request 20 hours of photography on the Phi Phi islands of Thailand and maybe some drone photography too, there probably won't be an excess luggage charge. However if you hire the live band, there of course will be as we need to safely transport large instruments. We cannot give an accurate price as each destination is unique, and prices fluctuate all the time. We can quote after making specific enquires.   

Finally, if there is a significant time difference between the UK and your chosen country, we would request an extra full day and night before your event start time and 1 extra day after the event. This would be mainly for the Eastern USA and Australia, and some parts of Asia. For example, If your event is to be held in Sydney, Aus on a Monday and finish on Tuesday afternoon, we would arrive on Saturday in the morning and leave on Wednesday morning. 

If you have any other questions about international events please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist.