Wedding Favours 

Wedding favours are a fantastic way to thank your guests for celebrating your wedding. Traditionally wedding favours used to be in the form of sugared almonds, however in todays modern world you can a whole host of different options. 


At Tbhag Studios we offer 3 varieties 


Luxury Belgian Chocolate Selection


We offer a luxury range of Belgian Choclates in an assortment of flavours. The choclates will be elegantly wrapped and placed on the tables for you. Alternatively, if you wish to have them placed elesewhere, let us know and we will do this for you. 

Luxury Macaron Selection


We offer our Luxury Macaron selection in 3 flavours (Pistachio, Malai and Rasberry.) When your guests arrive, they will be 

presented with the Macarons already placed on tables, or if you wish to have them elsewhere we can organise this for you. 


The Fudge and Bon Bon Range 


We offer our elegant Fudge and Bon Bon range of wedding favours. Not only do they taste incredible, they will add that extra fine detail to your reception party. They will be placed on tables before your guest arrive or placed elsewhere if you request it.   

Have a look through our brochure with describes all of our services with prices