Why Chose Us?

We understand organising events cost a lot of money, and we also understand that in an ideal world, you wouldn't want to compromise your special day/evening at any cost.  This is why we wanted to offer as part of Tbhag Studios, the option to pay for your photography over 3, 6 or 12 months INTEREST FREE. Its our way of helping you with the immediate costs of organising an event, whilst not having to compromise on the services you wish to have!
Turn Around Time
Time is precious and we wouldn't want you to be waiting for months for your final photo's. We at Tbhag Studios pride ourselves on our deliver and turn around times. We are just as excited to edited and produce your photos as you are to see them! We aim to produce the majority of our work to our clients within a month of the event. Whats more, our deliver via web transfer for all events is completely FREE
Our Editing
It's one thing to take magnificent picture outdoors where your photographer has control over lighting and can position you where they like; It's another to take and edit beautiful, spontaneous photographs indoors. 
Our editors make sure your indoor photography looks superb. The vast majority of your event will mostly likely be indoors and we aim to reflect the colours, vibrancy, brightness and energy of you event! We believe, as a customer, it is very important you ensure your photographer is not only capable of outdoor shots, but can also deliver indoors as well!